Period Oak Framed Buildings

Some of our large range of ancient oak framed buildings date from medieval times. They are individual in height, area and age and have full detailed plans. All the frames are carefully dismantled and colour coded enabling us to re-erect the buildings accurately to their original form.

Timber framed structures are very adaptable. The buildings make wonderful charismatic houses, which harmonise with the countryside perfectly. They are also ideal for cottages, studios, gatehouses, stables, restaurants, granaries, garden storerooms, swimming pool covers, entertaining rooms, in fact the list is endless.

We also have numerous smaller frames constructed in oak and pine that are ideal for Cartlodge garaging etc. and we construct bespoke extensions and frames to any size. The more humble buildings, which we have saved from destruction, make fine garages, summerhouses, granaries etc, they also blend in admirably with those parts of buildings, which have been lost or destroyed.

All the frames on offer have been carefully dismantled and colour coded over the last twenty years. We have prepared scaled drawings of each frame. They are all constructed in Oak (unless otherwise mentioned) and date from the mid 1400's to 1780's. Many would now be listed grade two or three.

They all have suffered from the normal wear and tear of ages, some more than others and this is reflected in their price. Usually the sole plates are defective and some timbers are missing or decayed, but this is quite normal. All the frames can be sympathetically restored, replacing or repairing defective timbers in our workshops before delivery to site. Depending on the frame the cost will vary.

Oak Framed Houses and Barns Available

ABERBECHAN BARN (c. 1650) 112ft x 20ft SOLD
A wonderful eight bay Welsh border frame barn, with heavy timbering and division walls to most bays. Three bays have fine oak ceilings.

ASSINGTON BARN (c. 1650) 112ft x 20ft (see above) SOLD
An elegant 15th Century barn with some alterations carried out in the 17th century. It has a hipped roof and Eight jowelled bay posts. There are three bays the central one being a doorway.

BEACH FARM BARN (c. 1780)  50ft 3" x 20ft £15,000
With a main frame of oak with common rafters and studs in pine this barn is full of character. Incorporating a fantastic wide hipped roof, and an additional aisle of 9ft, which gives extra width.

BENACRE BARN (c. 1700) 58ft 9" x 19ft 4" SOLD
All carefully dismantled and colour coded. This attractive Barn would make a very substantial house if constructed on tall plinth. Otherwise it would make a very substantial range for Garaging with ancillary accommodation with Porch width 14ft 11" x length 15ft 10".

BLACKWOOD BARN (C. 1620) 79ft x 19ft £50,000
This barn is in good order, with majestic "A" frames and two fine internal walls, some work is required to replace some rafters and a new base plate, it would make a lovely conversion.

BRENTWOODHOUSE 33ft x l5ft £11,500
Pine roof and early oak framing timbers, unfortunately the base plates have decayed. Sold as a collection of beams.

BRUNDISH HALL BARN  (c. 1700) 56ft 10" x 19 ft 7" £19,000
A fine Suffolk barn, with very tall walls making a conversion with a second floor easy and practical. The base frame has been reconstructed from 16th Century house timbers.

CHARSFIELD BARN NO. 1 (c. 1750) 60ft x 22ft 6" £17,500
A neat symmetrical barn, typically Suffolk in style. Mainly oak but with pine top plate, ties and principal rafters, it has five bays the centre one being open on both sides.

CHARSFIELD BARN NO. 2   5ft 6" x 19ft 6" £23,000
This is an elegant barn with a half hipped roof. The plank wall braces and bay posts are beautiful, though some of the elm studs have decayed they could easily be replaced using new oak.



CRUCK HOUSE (c. 1450) 32ft x 14ft £14,500
Evidence of sooting.

GOITRE MANOR BARN. 54ft 3" x 18ft £27,000
A fine 17l century barn frame, which stood adjacent to the Goitree Manor Cruck Framed house. This has first floor to one bay constructed of two main centre beams and oak joists.

GOITRE MANOR CRUCK FRAMED HOUSE. 68ft 6" x 18ft £60,000
A magnificent example of mediaeval workmanship, it has been used as a barn for many centuries. The roof rafters were raised in the 18th century, therefore when converted it will allow the bedrooms more headroom. The majestic cruck blades are in fine condition. There is also evidence that it was once a house due to the sooting on the beams.

GWAEN CARTLODGE . 32ft 10" x 19ft £12,000
When found this barn was encased in weatherboarding and therefore it is in lovely condition, the beams are strong and sound.

HADDISCOE BARN. 110ft x 23ft £75,000

HULVER BARN. (c. 1700) 50ft x 20ft 3" £26,000

KERRY BARN 67ft x 16ft £28,000
A lovely barn, with honey coloured studwork.

LAXFIELD BARN, (c. 1700) 46ft 5" x 19ft SOLD
With a few heavy ceiling beams, originally a house.

LONGE HOUSE FRAME. 45ft 5" x 20ft 6" SOLD
This ancient oak beamed Suffolk barn would convert into a charismatic new home.

MANOR FARM GRANARY 25ft 6" x 14ft 5" £9,000

MARTON BARN (c. 1700)  45ft x 17ft 9" £20,000
With wide studwork.


MENDHAM BARN 60ft 9" x 19ft 4" £30,000
A wonderful lofty Barn constructed in the 17th Century with an inserted ridge board, with a slightly later Porch.

17th Century, tall barn ideal for two-storey conversion.

PARKVIEW BARN 70ft x 21ft 4" £22,500

PLAS ONN BARN 73ft 8" x 19ft £21,500

POPLARS HALL BARN (c. 1630)  65ft x 21ft 6" £45,000
Tall frame ideal for two-storey conversion.


SPURLINGS HOUSE 21ft 9" x 18ft 6" £9,000
A charming Suffolk frame, with elegant jo welled posts and evidence of the mullioned windows. Made from remaining portion of 17l Century house with a fine main ceiling beam.


UPPER HALL BARN 48ft 5" x 19ft 7" £32,000
Lovely set of timbers, dated on beam 1692 typically Welsh in design, it would make a grand conversion.

WALKS FARM BARN 60ft x 19ft £32,000
18th Century.


Fabulous Suffolk barn ideal for conversion.


41 ft 9" x 21 ft 6"

WOOD FARM BARN 47ft 92 x 18ft £32,000
A mid 17   century barn, the oak beams are in exceptional good order.
It requires some restoration work, but altogether a very good quality frame.

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